Fieldstead is a private company that manages the assets of the Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr. family.

Among other things, one of the functions of Fieldstead and Company is to help manage the family's various philanthropic programs as part of a Christian worldview.

Truly, ideas, as well as social institutions, have consequences. Therefore, officers and relevant staff continue to keep abreast of ideas and their possible implementation by reading relevant papers, journals, magazines, and books from the popular to the academic, while maintaining a watchful eye on cultural and world events.

This website is designed to provide an overview of some of the projects and organizations that Fieldstead supports in the Southern California community and throughout the world.

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Museum of Biblical Art

MOBIA creates an environment which encourages interfaith dialogue on the history, meaning and functions of biblical art.

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Featured Organization
Orange County Rescue Mission

Orange County Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that uses Biblical principles in programs such as relationships, finance, and parenting. They accept homeless men, women, and children from any faith and do not require the homeless to participate in religious services to receive services such as food. Their innovative facilities and programs provide not only food assistance and shelter, but also counseling, education, job training, mental wellness, life skill training, and medical services to provide a solid foundation for the transition to a self-sufficient life.

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Featured Artist
Albert Paley

Sculptor Albert Paley is best known today for what one critic has described as "towering explorations of form, composition and the surprisingly expressive range yielded by deftly worked ferrous metals. Paley has described his design theory as "founded in paradox," and revels in the dichotomous character of iron and steel that embodies opposite and seemingly contradictory states: movement and stasis, suppleness and strength, rigidity and plasticity."

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