Christian Faith

Representative Grants

Acton Institute

  • for Acton's international activities
  • for the "Religion and Environment" project
  • for support of the welfare reform initiative
  • for support to provide subscriptions of "Religion and Liberty"

American Anglican Council

  • for their efforts for the cause of Anglican Christian orthodoxy
  • for the American component of the Anglican Mission and Evangelism Network project

Calvin Theological Seminary

  • for The Center for Excellence in Preaching
  • for the support of the President's Restricted Fund
  • for the International Calvin Congress

Elam Ministries

  • for support to strengthen the Iranian church in Istanbul
  • for a leadership development program to train men and women to impact Iran
  • for their Iranian Bible Training and Resource Centre

Drew University

  • for the Center for Early African Christian project
  • for the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture project
  • to produce a digital version of the CD-Rom/Nicene Fathers information


  • for the Oxford Institutes on Transformational Mission
  • for the HIV/AIDS Advocacy and Policy Research Project
  • for the support of the Network of Anglicans in Mission and Evangelism

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

  • for the African Religious Leaders Preparatory Conference
  • for the support of the India Congress on Church in Mission
  • for the project on "Nationalism, Fundamentalism, and Tolerance
  • for support of the Madras Media Meeting
  • for support of the Christian Faith & Modernity Study Programme
  • for the preparatory studies on the market economy

St Andrew's Abbey

  • to help furnish the new Youth Retreat Center Chapel
  • for the general support of the Abbey
  • for the planning, renovation, and maintenance of the Abbey
  • for the tuition and living expenses of black South African students in South Africa

Toward Tradition

  • for support to enable Rabbi Lapin to complete his second book, "Buried Treasure Life Lessons from the Lord's Language"
  • for support of the book, "America's Real War"

Westminster House

  • for the support of the Berkeley Roundtables

Wycliffe Bible Translators

  • for missionary support for Bible translation work in Peru, Philippines, and Cameroon