Representative Grants

Biola University

  • to purchase equipment for the journalism facilities at Biola's Media Production Center
  • for the new Masters in Science and Religion program
  • for the support of the journalism program
  • for the support of the Torrey Honors Program
  • for conference support including, the "Mere Theism: Liberating Theistic Scholarship" conference, an Ethics conference, and a day with Chaim Potok
  • for support of Biola's Art Gallery
  • for a faculty development program and theology seminars

Boston University

  • for a study on the role of Pentecostalism in the politics and economics of South Africa
  • for a research project designed to assess the contribution of Pentecostal religious groups on economic development and democratic consolidation in South Africa
  • for the African Independent Churches research project

Calvin College

  • for seminar support including, the Christian World-View point-counterpoint summer seminars, Kuiper seminars, and the Classic Books seminars
  • for the Kenneth Kuiper Scholarship Fund and the Wallace Bratt Scholarship Fund
  • for the Theistic Realism: Viable Research Program conference
  • for a faculty development seminar

Iowa State University Foundation

  • for the College of Design to promote the work of its faculty, collaborators, and students in various efforts to inform the proper and artful development of the communities of Iowa and the surrounding region

Princeton University

  • for faculty leave in the Department of Politics for scholarly research on a book on marriage
  • for faculty leave in the Department of Politics for scholarly research on a bioethics book

University of Oklahoma Foundation

  • for the completion of the manuscript, "Freeing God's Children: The Unlikely Alliance for Global Human Rights"
  • to fund a research project on the "Global Religious Persecution and American Foreign Policy"
  • for the art exhibition, "A Living Tradition: Biblical Themes in Contemporary Art"

University of Southern California

  • to fund visiting professionals and scholars in media and religion at USC Annenberg's School of Journalism
  • for an exhibit on "Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide"
  • for the "Shared Heritage" project
  • for the Rwandan genocide project
  • for the International Church Growth research project
  • for the support of the Neurology Department

University of Virginia

  • to establish a program in Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Veritas Forum

  • to expand the Veritas Forums, particularly on university campuses in California

West Chester University

  • for the Poetry Center

World Impact

  • for the Watts and Los Angeles Christian Schools
  • to enhance the Los Angeles Christian School computer program
  • for the vocational training center