Health, Science, and the Environment

Representative Grants

African Enterprise

  • for AE-Uganda team's ministry of evangelism, leadership training, child immunization, AIDS awareness, health and sanitation, orphanages, and "Kids at Risk" programs
  • for the AIDS Awareness and Prevention programs throughout the nation, particularly Kampala and for the Child Immunization Program against six killer diseases in the Ntungamo district in Uganda

Children's Hospital Foundation

  • for the funding of the CHOC Breathmobile for the Orange County School Allergy and Asthma project

Discovery Institute

  • for the support of the Center for Renewal of Science and Culture
  • for the support of the "Future on Representative Democracy" program
  • for support of "The Theology of the Welfare State" colloquium
  • for support of the "Religion, Liberty, and Civic Life" project

Foundation for Advancements in Breast Care

  • for general support
  • for the support of "Pearls of Wisdom" project

He Intends Victory

  • for general support, various book and material projects, Thailand Mercy House, emergency funds, and HIV ministry overseas travel to share the Gospel with those affected by AIDS
  • for the printing of the HIV book

Illustra Media

  • for the distribution of DVD copies of "Unlocking the Mystery of Life"
  • toward the production costs of "The Privileged Planet"

Joni and Friends

  • for the support of the Joni and Friends Disabilities Center for support of the "Wheels for the World" program
  • for the deaf ministries programs
  • for the "Congress on the Church and the Disabled"

Julian Center

  • for the "Why Wait?" AIDS prevention and education program in Malawi
  • for the Safe-Why Wait?/Family Enrichment Programme in Malawi and Kenya

MAP International

  • for their "Child Survival Program" in Ecuador
  • for the support of Map's AIDS education programs in Kenya and Uganda
  • for Latin American Leadership Development
  • for AIDS awareness project support

Political Economy Research Center

  • for the Enviropreneur Camp and the Economics for Environmental Studies Institute
  • for a four-day institute to initiate The Kinship Conservation Institute
  • for the support of the "Economics and the Environment: Eco-Detectives"
  • for the "PERC Conservative Conservation:  A Guide for Environmental Policy Reform by the U.S. Congress"
  • for the "African Religious Leaders Preparatory" conference
  • for the expansion of PERC's Environmental Education program

Tourette's Syndrome Association

  • for general support

Wildlands Conservancy

  • for the acquisition of the Coal Canyon Biological Corridor