Justice and Public Policy

Representative Grants

Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

  • for support to defend the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act
  • for the "Sacred Spaces Project"
  • for support to produce a journal dedicated to religious liberty

Claremont Institute

  • for general support
  • for the Center for Local Government

Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education

  • to establish a new network of black pastors and churches
  • for the "Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Initiative"
  • for a conference with black ministers on faith-based participation in welfare reform, and to launch an inner-city awareness campaign  

Ethics and Public Policy Center

  • for the Bioethics and American Democracy Project
  • for two India conferences, "Hindu Nationalism and India's Muslim Minority:  The Future of Secularism in the World's Largest Democracy" and "Hindu nationalism, Religious Freedom, and the Untouchables:  The Progress of Anti-Conversion Legislation in India"
  • for the "Biotechnology, Human Nature, and American Democracy" project
  • for the support of the "Islam and American Democracy" project
  • for the Neuroscience and the Human Spirit project

Institute on Religion and Democracy

  • for the Episcopal Action program
  • for the Evangelical Policy Advocacy project
  • for the preparatory costs of shaping the discussions on the international debt and poverty at the Lambeth conference
  • for the support of persecution projects
  • for research on human rights in Muslim nations

Hudson Institute

  • for the "America and the Future of Islam:  Radical Islam and Democratic Alternatives" project
  • for the International Religious Liberty project
  • for the Center for Religious Freedom
  • for support of the North Korea project
  • to organize an initiative against prison rape

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

  • for the "Los Angeles Policing Reform Initiative: Bringing New York's and Boston's Revolutions Together"
  • for the "Congregational Mobilization for Community Transformation" project

New Vision Partners

  • for the project, "Healing, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation in Post-Genocide Rwanda"
  • for the Genocide Oral History Project

Prison Fellowship

  • for the "Evangelical Engagement" project
  • for the general support of Justice Fellowship
  • for the AngelTree Ministry
  • for the Wilberforce Forum
  • for the in-prison seminar program

Safe Harbor International Relief

  • for the "Journey of Peace" documentary
  • for the "Prospect of Peace" project
  • for the "Pastoral Awareness Sudan Missions" project and the Safe Harbor Story

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation at USC

  • for the Corrie ten Boom fellowships to learn from the memories of holocaust survivors and rescuers
  • for the Corrie ten Boom Collection of Rescuer Testimonies project
  • for general support