Media and Culture

Representative Grants

Center for Media Literacy

  • for general support
  • for the Catalyst Project for the Campaign on Media Violence
  • for support of the "Beyond Blame" workshop kit

David Horowitz Freedom Center

  • for various program support including, academic freedom campaign, Student's for Academic Freedom, restoration weekend, and the Wednesday morning club
  • for the investigative journalism project
  • for general support
  • for the Individual Rights Project
  • for the support of Heterodoxy and their radio show, "Second Thoughts"

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

  • for the Washington Journalism Center
  • for the support of the Institute of Journalism's Fieldstead Lectures
  • for the funding of the Summer Institute of Journalism program, Capstone in the Capital

Fellowship of St. James

  • for the start-up and production costs of Salvo Magazine

Heartland Truly Moving Pictures

  • for support of the annual Heartland Film Festival, the Award of Excellence, and to help establish the regional film project

KOCE-TV Foundation

  • for the "Impressions of California" documentary
  • for support for a documentary on California artists

Mars Hills Audio, Inc.

  • for the special costs of doing a CD review of the Supreme Court
  • for the support of "Mind Matters"

Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life, Media Project

  • for general operating support

Radio Nueva Vida Network

  • for the support of a News and Public Affairs Division on the Radio Nueva Vida Network


  • for the support of Michael Medved's PBS series, "The Culture Clash"

WXXI Public Broadcasting Council

  • for the support of the PBS documentary, "Albert Paley: Dialogue of Art and Architecture"