Women, Children, and Family

Representative Grants

Big Brothers/Sisters of Orange County

  • for the support of the Bright Futures program for Hispanic girls
  • for Project Future 500
  • for support of their programs helping local "at-risk" children and youth


  • for their education, support, and referral services for Spanish speaking clients
  • for a bilingual phone operator and implementation of the Option Line
  • for the Campaign of Compassion Hispanic billboard program
  • for the "Fatherhood Aborted" book project

Casa Teresa

  • for the support of their residential programs
  • for the Porch Rebuild Project and the Program Shelter Fund
  • for the support toward a part-time perinatal nurse
  • for the support of the "Adopt-A-Bathroom" program
  • for the Food and Nutrition Program
  • for the support of their Counseling and Social Services Program at Hannah's House

Grace Elliott Center

  • for the support for their H.U.G.S. program (Helping Unwed Mothers Get Started) - at this crisis pregnancy center located in Compton, California


  • to complete production of the "Teaching Your Children Heathly Sexuality Kit"
  • to launch Confident Parenting: A Seminar for Parents
  • for their half-hour radio specials, the Integrated Ministry plan, and Spanish outreach
  • for support of The Radical Love Campaign
  • for the support of their ministry to youth

Human Options, Inc.

  • for the Abused Children's Program
  • for the Children's Advocacy Project
  • for the Domestic Violence Shelter program
  • for the "Hands are Not for Hitting, Words are Not for Hurting" program

Mary's Shelter

  • for general operating support for this home to pregnant teens
  • for the "Building Lives -- Two at a Time" bed/room sponsorship program
  • for general operating budgets for the maternity and transition homes

National Center for Fathering

  • for a book on African-American Fathering

Olive Crest Treatment Center

  • for general operating support and for the NOVA Academy
  • for the Cross Roads Transition Program
  • toward the "Youth Development Network: Helping Youth Transition into Adulthood"
  • toward the start-up costs of their Adoptions Program for children with special needs
  • for the support of the Residential Treatment Center

Orangewood Children's Home

  • for the "On My Own" business mentor program for youth 18 and older

The Sheepfold

  • for facility improvements at their new Second Step 10 unit apartment complex
  • for general operating support toward their home for abused women and children
  • for the expansion of their childcare facilities

Thessalonika Family Services

  • for the general support of their residential treatment services for children

Web Wise Kids

  • for the Community Shield Program
  • for the support of the Web Wise Kids "Missing" computer program
  • for their efforts in fighting against Internet pornography and child predators