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Local Liberty

Participation in American government should begin at the local level. Fieldstead & Company, Inc. has been involved in bringing scholars, local government leaders and staff, developers, organizations, and activists together through a variety of forums and projects focused on Local Government. Organizations such as the Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform (MORR), The Claremont Institute's Center for Local Government, and the Local Liberty PAC, are a few examples of organizations that have been working towards developing a dialogue and mutual understanding of how local government ought to protect individual rights and liberties.

Municipal governments deal with essential rights, including those of property, religion and individual liberty. At times community rights are infringed upon by state and federal powers, through regulations and legislation including the use of eminent domain. The government taking of private property from one party, for example, and giving to another private party is simply wrong.  As explained by the Claremont Institute Center for Local Government, when U.S. constitutional law is applied at the municipal level, federalism and individual liberties intersect, and the lives of everyday citizens and their rights are protected. 

For more information, please visit: www.claremont.org/projects/projectid.30/project_detail.asp